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From egg box to building block

Build anything!

Create a castle in your living room. A car. A playhouse. Anything is possible with eggyplay® egg boxes, which you can use as building blocks once they're empty. They interlock easily, so your structure will stay firm and solid until you're ready to take it down — or build something else.

Great for those who think BIG!

The eggyplay® building blocks are much bigger than regular building blocks, so you can easily build structures that you can actually play inside. And because the boxes are so light, no-one will get hurt if the tower should tumble. Just don't try to climb it!


Practical information

Wash them first

Before you start playing with your eggyplay® boxes, remember one thing: wash them first. They are dishwasher-proof, so simply put them in on a 65 ºC cycle and let them dry. Then you are ready to start building.

Stack up easily

With eggyplay® boxes, even the biggest castle can be put away in a cupboard in a matter of minutes: just open the boxes and stack them. Suddenly they take up no space at all!

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