Environment, Packaging, CSR

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As Low Environmental Impact as Possible

Environmental questions regarding eggs contain a wide range of topics. Everything from a good environment in the poultry house, to the environmental impact in terms of distribution and waste management.

It is important that the hens live in a good environment with ventilated buildings and with access to fresh water and feed.

We are continuously working on optimizing the environment impact and the reduction of CO2. Our drivers take part in driving skills training to reduce diesel consumption.

All lorries have had replacements to class 5 diesel engines. Furthermore the transport has been optimized by consolidating goods on the lorries, coordinating pick-ups and deliveries where possible, as well as on going planning of routes.

Equally important is the optimization of resources in our production. For example, monitoring of electricity consumption, water consumption, chemicals, etc. Svenska Lantägg takes part in the REPA organization’s recovery system and a system has been established for internal recycling.

Our packaging is made from recycled paper and recyclable PET plastic. All pulp trays are compostable and labels are FSC marked. Svenska Lantägg’s plant is certified to ISO 14001 and HEDEGAARD foods in Hadsund is also working towards an ISO 14001 certification.

CSR Policy

We want to act responsibly when it comes to interaction with the environment in which we operate. This is done by a good and constructive cooperation with our customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders. We want to be innovative and to meet the demands of our customers.

We place requirements on our suppliers and encourage them to act responsibly when delivering products to HEDEGAARD foods. Products must be produced in such a manner that the social, environmental and health and safety aspect are taken into consideration.

We take responsibility for the society we are part of and support locally. We are committed to treating all employees properly and offer flexible employment with a balance between work and leisure and ensure our employees the best possible working conditions. We are continuously working on improving processes and thereby improve the working environment. We support our employees and their pastime activities, including sponsorships. We offer our employees to participate in social gatherings and courses throughout the year in order to strengthen unity and cooperation.