Farm to Table, Safety, Traceability

Kort Producenter UK

We take our Farm to Table concept very seriously. In a close dialogue and constructive cooperation with our farmers and HEDEGAARD agro, who provide the feed, we ensure quality in the value chain; the hatchery, the rearing, the egg production, logistics and the feed that the pullet and the chicken eat during their lives.

HEDEGAARD foods has designed and implemented a HACCP based quality system for the breeders and egg producers. The quality system assures the production of eggs with respects to among other things quality, food safety, production and welfare. The system was developed in cooperation with egg producers and is continuously evaluated and improved.


The chicken may be exposed to environmental effects, which means that the egg can be harmful to people’s health. The impacts are difficult to control especially because, hens in two of the production types are out in the open. HEDEGAARD foods has therefore chosen to implement its own controls on dioxin. Two times a year, shell eggs and liquid raw materials are sent for analysis. This along with the other controls in the value chain, help to ensure food safety.

Eggs in Their Own Class

Both in Sweden and in Denmark there is zero tolerance for salmonella. An intensive action plan over the past decade has ensured that our eggs are in a class of their own and have been tested free of salmonella.

Animal Welfare

Welfare in the chicken flocks is important to our concept. If the welfare does not live up to our customers’ and our own expectations, then we implement action plans and follow-ups for the individual producer. Moreover, we have introduced a special welfare screening in the production of organic eggs.


As an added security, there is traceability from Farm to Table. Each egg has a code that shows the following:

Find your farmer

0 = organic egg production
1 = free-range egg production
2 = barn egg production
3 = enriched cage egg production
DK/SE = country of production
12345 = farmer CHR No.