History, development, growth

From Chicken Farm to Food Company

In 1980 HEDEGAARD A/S took over FARM-ÆG. The erstwhile company located in Hadsund consisted of pullet breeding, egg production and a small egg packing plant. At the time the market share was 2 %.

Pullet breeding and egg production was successively phased out in line with the rise of the company’s sale of eggs. In 2002 HEDEGAARD foods took the step from egg packing to food company in connection with the acquisition of Brødrene Hornum and the establishing of the product factory in Hadsund in 2004.

HEDEGAARD foods Becomes Nordic

In 2011 HEDEGAARD foods acquired the majority shareholding in Svenska Lantägg and instantly became an important player on the Swedish market. Svenska Lantägg’s history goes back to 1982, when founder Håkan Andersson established the company at Hassle Säby farm, outside Mariestad in Västergötland. The farm’s egg production was soon extended with an egg packing plant. The first delivery of egg products was shipped from the newly built production plant in Skara in 1987, where production and packing both are today.

Today, we use the latest technology in the hygienic handling of eggs. Svenska Lantägg has been a pioneer in ”tvättade ägg” (washed eggs) and today has years of experience and quite a unique knowledge about the right hygienic handling of eggs; so surface bacteria is removed, while the egg’s protective membrane is preserved.

A Competitive Market Leader

HEDEGAARD foods currently supplies half of the fresh shell eggs that are consumed in Denmark and a quarter of the eggs used in Sweden. A position obtained through hardnosed efficiency, focusing on the task and by challenging the category for the benefit of the entire value chain.