Safety, Control, Quality

Consumers should never doubt the quality and safety of our products. It is our responsibility to ensure that raw materials and production processes result in consistent and high quality.

We place great demands on our suppliers and other business partners based on an open and honest dialogue. We demand much of all our employees including education and skills development.

Based on customer requirements and our own visions, our quality system is adapted and developed continuously.

For HEDEGAARD foods, it is essential that quality and safety throughout the value chain is at top level — from the day-old chicken to the finished product in the refrigerated counter.

All company activities are BRC certified at level A, by Bureau Veritas Certifications.

We are also KAT approved at the packing plant, a German industry certification within eggs and egg products.

Farm to Table

Jord Til Bord UK

One of the cornerstones in HEDEGAARD foods’ business base, is our Farm to Table concept. We control and ensure quality across the entire value chain.

Feed of a high quality and safety, is essential for efficient production and high food safety.

We vouch 100 % for the feed, as our sister company HEDEGAARD agro provides feed to the entire value chain. HEDEGAARD agro’s subcontractors are included in the ownership structure.

We promise quality — and stick to it!