Group Companies 2015

1. Hedegaard Foods A/S

2. Starup Æg K/S

3. Svenska Lantägg AB

4. Eggs Posure A/S

5. Eggs Posure Sales Office

6. Muna Foods Oy

7. Muna Foods Satellite

8. Närpes Äggpackeri Oy

9. Eesti Munatooted

10. OÜ Koks Munatootmine

The group

Food company Hedegaard Foods processes, packs and distributes fresh shell eggs and a variety of cooked and pasteurised egg products and egg powder.

The group consists of three companies: Hedegaard Foods A/S, Starup Æg K/S and Svenska Lantägg AB. In 2013 the group had a turnover of EUR 126 million and handles approx. 1 billion eggs a year. The group employs approx. 200 people.

Today Hedegaard Foods and Svenska Lantägg have three packing plants and two product factories in Denmark and Sweden.

In spring 2014, Hedegaard Foods and Dutch company Twinpack formed the packaging company Eggs Posure. The vision of the new company is to create added value to the global egg industry through creative and value-adding packaging concepts.

In June 2014, Hedegaard Foods acquired 50 % of the shares in Finnish food company Munakunta, the market leader in Finland with a 40 % market share within packing of eggs and production of pasteurised egg products. 

Through the ownership structure Hedegaard Foods has deep roots in agriculture and the animal feed industry in Northern Europe.